Ted in Aleppo, April 2010

Ted Gorton has published five books on Middle Eastern themes: two volumes of Arabic poetry in translation (Andalus: Moorish Songs of Wine and Love, and Arabia: a thousand Years of Arabic Verse), and–together with his Lebanese archaeologist wife Andree–a reasoned anthology of writing about Lebanon through the ages (Lebanon: through writers’ eyes).

These three books are published by Eland Books, one of London’s premier travel book imprints, whose mission is to keep classic travel books in print while publishing a dozen or so new titles a year.


Ted recently completed a biography of the Levantine prince Fakhr ad-Din Ma’n (Renaissance Emir: a Druze Warlord at the Court of the Medici), which was published in early 2013 by Quartet Books of London.  In June 2014 the book came out in paperback in the USA, published by Interlink Books (ISBN 9781566569637).

Ted’s most recent project is an anthology of writing about a city that marked him, as a young student and much later in life: Beirut.  A Beirut Anthology: Two Thousand Years of Travel Writing was published in the first half of 2015, published by the American University in Cairo Press.

Besides writing, he has exhibited his photographs in a solo show from April to June, 2008, at the Brunei Gallery, London (“Cairo 1975″).  The tabs at the top of this page lead to more information about all these projects, including reviews of the books and photo show and an extract from the Lebanon anthology.


You can also peruse the photos at the bottom of the Cairo 1975 page.  You can even buy the books through Powell’s in the US or Daunt Books in the UK (as well as Amazon US or UK)!

Ted and Andree recently had a supremely fun poetic evening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, invited by Sheila Canby, the Curator of the wonderful new Islamic Galleries (which you can see on YouTube here):


7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Many thanks for all the kind words about our recent gig at the Met (Museum, not Opera!). Should be up on the Metmuseum site and YouTube soon.

  2. It has indeed been posted, and here it is (all 75 minutes of it, of which I talked far too much)…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_mmLhJqLnE

  3. I am very pleased to say that my biography of Fakhr ad-Din Ma’n (Renaissance Emir) has just been accepted for publication by the dynamic London publisher Quartet Books. Target date for the hardcover edition is Autumn 2012. You can find out more about Quartet at: http://www.quartetbooks.co.uk/index.html.

  4. Norman Longthorp said:

    Dear Mr. Gorton;

    I just finished reading (with great enjoyment, may I add) the excerpt taken from your recent biography of Fakhr al-Din which was published in the most recent edition of Saudi Aramco World.
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your balanced and intelligent approach to your subject. Your many years of experience and your passion for your subject are both very evident in your wonderful writing.
    Secondly, I must say what a pleasure it is to read anything written by a Westerner that is not distorted by the cultural and/or religious biases – intentional or not – displayed by so many other writers.
    I share your obvious love of – and admiration for – Middle Eastern history and the cultures that have developed from them, and I sometimes despair at the infantile level of reportage that most Western audiences are forced to put up with. I firmly believe that many of the terrible problems facing the region today might well be alleviated by a better understanding – on both sides – of the intricacies of Middle Eastern history and cultural development.
    In closing, I would like to say that I am very much looking forward to reading your biography of this fascinating man. I have added it to my “wish list” of books from which my wife chooses whenever a gift is required!

    Best regards,
    Norman Longthorp

  5. Dear Mr. Gorton,

    My name is Malte and my friend’s name is Bengt-Ake. We are both multi-handicapped (disabled) and require assistance with most daily necessities. We live at a facility for people with special needs. Our lives are difficult, hopeless, dark, unhappy.

    No matter, we are big fans of yours, as a phenomenal writer. We enjoyed greatly your article “Lebanon’s Renaissance Prince”, in the July/August 2014 issue of Aramco World magazine. Very intriguing and educating.

    We know that you are probably very busy, but we were wondering if you could please sign one autograph for my friend, and one autograph for me, if you have the time. Preferably on pictures of you, if at all possible. Our personal assistant promised us to have them framed and placed on the walls in our rooms, if you do.

    In case you decide to send us your autographs, you will truly enlighten our darkness, and make us outstandingly happy and grateful from the bottoms of our hearts. Our lives will feel less obnoxious and dark. Our addresses are:-

    Mr. Malte Aronsson,
    Noleredsvagen 11- D,
    SE- 42332 TORSLANDA,

    Mr. Bengt-Ake Widmark,
    Noleredsvagen 10,
    SE- 42332 TORSLANDA,

    You may of course place both autographs in one envelope and have it sent to either one of these addresses.

    Thanking you very much for your time. Keep the good work up!!! You rock!!!

    Mr. Malte Aronsson.

  6. how very, very kind of you to take an interest in my writings, which seem pretty trivial compared to the challenges you must face every day. I will of course be pleased to send autographed photos and will do so as soon as I can print out a couple of pictures. with best personal wishes
    Ted Gorton

  7. Pandelis Papazis said:

    Ted, This is Pan (The one with human feet from Amoco).
    I was searching for you. I found many Gortons, but after reading this biography I am sure it is you.
    Send me a note: papazisk @sbcglobal.net
    it is important!

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